Monday, October 26, 2009

Monopoly in Korea...

is very similar, but different in important ways.
The board is set up very similarily, with properties of varying colours, a "GO" space, two different sets of cards, and two dice.
It is called "호텔왕게임" which vaguely translates to "hotel king game" in English. Unlike Monopoly, the properties are not streets in and around Atlantic City, but capital cities all over the world. What is Park Place? Seoul obviously. Ottawa made an appearance, which I was quite pleased by.

There is no jail in Korean monopoly, but there IS a deserted island. Don't land on the deserted island, or you'll be there for three turns. There's also a golf course. If you land there, you'll be to busy relaxing to collect your rent.

We were lucky to have Jessica's friend Young-Han (I hope I've spelled it correctly) with us when we played as (obviously) all the 'chance' and 'community chest' cards were in Korean. Instead of nifty metal pieces, they gave us plastic cars. I was not as impressed by this.

The most striking difference (other than the fact that it's Korean) was the use of won instead of dollars. Properties were listed as 80 만 원, which translates to '80 ten thousand won', so 800,000 won, but horribly confusing when all you read is the English, and assume that it is 80,000 won. So much confusion.

But fun. There was also a lot of fun.

I would like to note the very Korean way we played this game. On the floor. With Korean floor cushions (mine's the pink checked), and a Korean couch.

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